Magnificent Sunsets in Asunción, Paraguay


Last week, while I had the chance of capturing this incredible picture, I acknowledged the joy that I found, not so long ago, in watching sunsets. For the past 4 years, or since I moved from my home country, Venezuela, I have had the opportunity to daily experience sunsets at 3 different cities. It amazes me that while the sky can look so similar across thousands of miles, sunsets can also be SO unique in each of the places I have had the opportunity to live in.

Last year, and without really knowing about it, I found myself immersed in what’s known as “Manhattanhenge”. In a busy street, I saw something that can only be described as magic. I’m no expert in statistics, but what are really the odds of Manhattan streets aligning with the sun setting? it blew my mind, and continues to do so for the time being. I am not entirely sure, but I think this one event started my passion for sunsets.

This week I relived that moment, as I found myself in front of this art of MAGIC, while going through my first “free online, Coursera photography course”, while also checking out my first serious camera”. It’s not only this sunset what I am labeling as Magic, but the whole alignment of events that led to this specific moment, and to this picture. What are really the odds of me being in front of this beauty, while unwrapping my first real camera, in all places but Paraguay?


4 thoughts on “Magnificent Sunsets in Asunción, Paraguay

  1. how lovely. as i have mentioned in another post about sunsets, these are truly magical but it also elicit sadness at the same time. but that’s just me. 🙂 i would try capturing sunsets when i decide to do photography one day.


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