Life of a Pet Owner

Ever since I was little, I dreamed about having a dog, but knew from early on that I wouldn’t have one until I moved on my on. My dad always had dogs, and is very much of a dog person. My mom never owned one, and was once almost bitten by one. This definitely placed her at the opposite side of the dog-loving-spectrum. As she says: It’s not that she doesn’t like them, is just that she likes them better from far.

When I moved out of Venezuela, to Boston, I felt like now I could really get one. But school proved me otherwise. A year after, with my imminent moving to New York City, I knew that being a dog owner was out of the question for the time being, unless I would be OK with having a dog imprisoned in a small studio. As it seemed, it was never the right time nor moment to make this kind of commitment.

Relaxed Andy

I swear that when when I got the news about our opportunity here in Paraguay, the first thing I thought was: Ok, the hell with it, if I am indeed moving to Paraguay, I am getting my freaking dog. And so I did!

After a full year with a pet, I cannot stop thinking about WHY did I wait this long. Dogs, or pets, are SO much fun. They are a lots of hard work too, and commitment, but honestly, you just get used to it, and what you get in return everyday is sooo much better. So much love!

My friend Carmen has a cat, “Bianca”, and I am not much of a cat person, but this cat’s personality makes me like her a lot. She is very much a cat-grumpy and all,  but what’s different of her is how much she looks for affection. She comes and demands love, literally verbalizing her wanting you to pet her. I find that incredible!

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When I see Andy, my dog, act, I ask myself what do they think? what’s inside of their heads? I have read that they act by impulse with almost no rationalization of what they perceive or how they act. I think that can’t be entirely true. I know my dog understands many of my reactions. when I am sad or hurt, he shows true concern. When I’m happy, he seems the happiest. Sometimes I think we are the fools. They DO get it. We just don’t.

Noisy Andy

Summer Andy – Recent Picture

Winter Andy


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